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Get To Know Our 2021 Vendors

Abbot Hill Creamery - Benjamin and his apprentice are bringing us lovely aged cheeses and also fresh dairy options right from their farm at the Temple Wilton Community Farm. His passion shines through his cheeses and be sure to check his booth each week for the different specials he is offering, including Kefir! Check out his website here

Apple Hill Farm - Chuck and Diane have owned their farm since February 1978. They grow apples along with hosting pick-your-own fields of currants, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries in season. They also make pies and jellies in their bakery attached to their on-site farm store. Their farm truck also brings along peaches, a large variety of vegetables, apple cider, NH cheeses, milk and cider donuts. Visit their website

Averill House Vineyards - Owned and operated by the The Waite Family; founded in July of 2017, they are growing roughly 500 vines of 11 varieties. The first full production grape-to-glass winery located inside the Historic Ice district of Brookline, NH, the Waite's will be bringing wine to try and buy! Visit their website

Berkshire Gold Maple Syrup - Diane and Paul Phelps work together to bring locally made maple syrup, maple cream, candy and sugar to our market annually. Visit their website

C Spiczka Farm - A small New England farm operated and owned by Chad Spiczka, they are joining us from West Groton, MA bringing fresh produce, fruits and some fresh cut sunflowers. Visit their website

Cooper & Sophie's Dog Treats - We have so many four legged visitors coming to our weekly market, this is a wonderful local addition to be able to spoil your fur baby while you shop. Different flavors are featured weekly and you can find more details here on their website.


Critical Mass Coffee - Started in a garage in 2018, Critical Mass Coffee is easily described as a passion project. Burnt beans, improper venting, a lot of mistakes were made. Connections with farmers, brokers, logistics and retailers were created. Now sustainable, commercially viable and nothing less than the best is sent out the door to our markets. Shop their deals and flavors here


Dandido Sauce - A new vendor joining us this year, Dandido sauces right our of Manchester NH. They have local delivery available as well! You can find their menu of sauces here on their website.


DJ's Pure Natural Honey - John Blake runs his honey business as a hobby to showcase his bee's and their remarkable honey and wax that they produce. John even sells a large variety of infused honey, honey sticks and comb honey. Visit their website

Everything Alpaca NH - Goldie & Jim run their alpaca farm in Brookline and bring their gorgeous alpaca made products to our market, and usually a member or two from their farm! Visit their website

Farmer Palmer Garlic - Dave and Paula Palmer plant, pick, and process all of their garlic by hand. Their garlic varieties are mixed together and slowly roasted to get a beautiful brown color and complex robust flavor. Their garlic powder and rocks are packaged in glass bottles to bring out the fresh flavor and scent with every grind. Their black garlic bulbs made from Purple Stripe and Rocambole varieties have flavors not available in other black garlic. Visit their website

Fox & Crow Farm - The farm is based on sustainable farming practices, community involvement, ethical and humane treatment of all of our animals and a true respect, love and dedication to our heritage. Erin brings to our market what she has in season including Free Range Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Eggs. Preorder on her website or social media pages here


Fresh Start Farms - Formed in 2011, Fresh Start Farms NH is a collective brand for immigrant and refugee farmers participating in the New American Sustainable Agriculture Program, a program of the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success. They offer a CSA as well as bringing their own produce to our markets. Visit their website

G3 Baking - Bob Gehling, of Gehling's Gourmet Goodies specializes in yummy and tempting quick breads, yeast breads, corn breads as well as cookies, brownies, fudge and other pastries. Bob also brings a table full of gluten free items as well. Visit their website

Hoynacki's Kettle Korn - We missed the fresh popped korn last year and are happy to welcome Ryan back to fill the are with sweet popcorn. Have you tried his kettle korn yet? He also has fresh samples at his table to entice you. You can see his facebook page here


JaJaBelle's - Joining us our of Nashua, Jessica is bringing in just a small assortment of the large menu they are able to provide at their shop in Nashua. Starting in the mountains of Colorado, we are so honored to have Jessica join us and bring in her Greek pastries, smoothies and so much more each week. Check out her menu here


Jennifer Lee's Bakery - Jennifer started her bakery when she was 17 years old, and after experimenting with many different flours, dairy free options, egg free options, and everything in between she finally was able to put out a line of products that was completely free of gluten, eggs, dairy, and nuts. She offers Top Ten Allergen Friendly products! Visit their website

Joyberry Mushrooms - Popping in when they have the help, Joyberry Farm mushrooms are also being carried by Oasis Springs Farm on their off weeks so you will always find their fresh mushrooms onsite weekly. You can learn all about the benefits of their mushrooms and which ones are in season, by visiting their website here


Kitty Designs - Handcrafted by Kitty in her Concord studio, she has been a longstanding vendor with our market and brings in such sunshine. She is a Goldsmith and  Silversmith, originally from CA! Visit her website


LaDolda Pasta - You’ll love handcrafted, fresh pasta following ancient recipes of the northern Italian tradition, made with 100% organic flour imported from Italy. At LA DOLDA, they make their pasta from scratch with love, passion and dedication, using the best ingredients nature has to offer. View their website


Lakonia Olive Oil LLC - We are a fourth generation family farm with our history tied to the earth of Lakonia, Greece.  We are proud to offer our lovingly harvested products to you.  Single Estate, Single Variety EVOO, and Blended EVOO.  100% First Cold Pressed, and Unfiltered.   NO PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES of any kind ever!  Bottled in New Hampshire to State and FDA regulations.  Whether you're looking for Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  or Organic Kalamata Olives, We are your source.

Visit their website

New England Fishmongers - They are catching and selling sustainable seafood from their boat using traditional hook and line fishing techniques that ensure the highest quality fish with the lowest impact to the fragile ecosystem. With the numbers of small-scale fishermen dwindling in New England right now as a result of a consolidating industry, they believe in the importance of traceability and accountability in all seafood products. Visit their website

Oasis Springs Farm - an urban hydroponic farm located in Nashua NH run by Sarah and Chris, they not only bring their produce to our market, but they also have a weekly share program as well to help maintain their mission of providing fresh year round produce to their community. Find out more here.


Rusty's Heirloom Tomatoes - Ken & Greta have been vendors with us in the past and bring gorgeous heirloom tomatoes from their NH farm to our market yearly. Greta is also the photographer on site and their bring her gorgeous work to the market along with their other vegetables. You can see their plant list and learn more on their website here.


Sunfox Farm Sunflowers - Made right here in NH, Greg started his own sunflower farm and is joining us for his first year at our market bringing not only his gorgeous sunflowers, but also his MADE IN NH cold pressed high oleic unrefined sunflower oil. Visit their website


Woodman's Artisan Bakery - Bill will be joining us again this year with his European style Artisan Breads baked daily 100% from scratch. The variety of breads that he offers range from Country Boules to sourdoughs, flavored breads such as his Loaded Baked Potato sourdough, Cranberry Walnut, German Ryes, as well as Croissants, Pretzels, and more! Visit their website

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