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Rules & Regulations

Market Rules/Regulations 

Please include the following with your application:  

1. Insurance Certificate: Vendors must carry their own Commercial General Liability Policy for at least $500,000 listing the Bedford Farmers  Market and Murphy’s Taproom as Additionally Insured, located at 393 Route 101, Bedford, NH 03110.  

2. Food Service License: A current copy is required for the operation of a vendor’s business. An additional copy must be submitted upon renewal  of expired license before you are allowed to vend at the market.  

3. Scale License:  If you use a scale, it must be certified and licensed with the state of NH Division of Weights & Measures.

4. Stall Fee: Please include stall payment for dates selected. 

5. Copy of Last Inspection Report: This must be current (i.e.. less than one (1) year old). It’s recommended you bring this to each market in  case there is a spot inspection by the Bedford Health Department.  


If you have not yet done so and need assistance please contact Brian-


Brian Santiago

Deputy Health Officer

Health Inspector

55 Constitution Drive

Bedford, NH 03110


Market Regulations:  

1. Each vendor must have in his/her possession a copy of the Market Rules and Regulations which serves as an acknowledgement of  compliance with those policies for that year.  

2. Each vendor must have paid their space fee prior to 5/13/2022 or you forfeit your spot. 

3. Vendors are expected to be present on all dates selected on their applications. If they are not able to do so, they must contact the Manager  within 24 hours of the market opening. Vendors are responsible for their stall fees regardless of attendance.  

4. Market hours are 3pm to 6pm. Vendors are expected to ARRIVE no later than  2:30pm. Selling will begin promptly at 3pm (not before) and vendors  are expected to remain set up until 6pm, regardless if they sell out. This is for the safety of our guests and the appearance and support of the  market members. 

5. There will be no smoking by vendors while vending.  

6. Vendors may not bring dogs to the market.  

7. Vendors must wear shirts/shoes.  

8. Only approved market goods may be sold. There will be no raffles, ticket selling, special discounts, etc, except by and for the Market as a whole unless approved by the Steering Committee. No Political, controversial, or religious vendors or special events are allowed at the Market  unless approved by the Committee.  

9. Each vendor must consent to a screening of goods and possible visit by the Committee and or the Market Manager to establish what is  suitable for sale.  

10. All vendors are individually responsible for proper licensing and compliance with NH state health regulations.  

11. All vendors are individually responsible for carrying their own product liability insurance of a minimum $500,000 and may be asked to submit  proof of such insurance to the Market upon request.  

12. Produce that is labeled “Certified Organic” must be from a crop that is certified by NHDA.  

13. Live animals will not be sold at the market  

14. Any animals used for display must be handled and cared for in a humane manner. The vendor MUST provide a portable hand wash station for  customers petting animals.  

15. If a vendor purchases an agricultural product from another vendor and processes that product for sale, the processed product may be sold as  an agricultural product.  

16. CSA pick-ups are available and encouraged! 

17. It is the responsibility of all market vendors to immediately notify the Market Manager of any discrepancies noticed at the Market.  

18. No vendor shall take the recourse of setting or dropping prices to as to hurt another vendor. The Market Manager and or the Committee are  responsible for maintaining adequate guidelines.  

19. Vendors will treat each other with courtesy and respect. The Market Manager will mediate all disputes.  

20. Each vendor is responsible for setting up and maintaining a neat and quality-oriented display area and for the neatness of his/her area after  each market day as well. 

21. Every Vendor with a canopy/pop-up tent MUST have tent weights. Tying to your vehicle is not enough, you MUST have weights. 

22. Any vendor found by the Manager and/or the Committee to be in violation of the rules as they pertain to this marketing policy and these  ByLaws, shall be subject to the following procedures:  

1. First Offense: Mandatory non-participation for the following week’s Market with explanation of offense by Market Manager.

2. Second Offense: Expulsion from the Market for the remainder of the season without refund of fees. 

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